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Fezzik is famous for his success. Steve has always been a unique guy, an extroverted Math Geek. A Chess Candidate Master (and High School State 2nd place finisher), later a Fellow in the Society Of Actuaries, Steve was a Vice President for a Major Los Angeles Insurance Company 1995-2001.

However, his passion was always getting the edge over the Casinos. Throughout the 1990s Fezzik would travel almost every weekend in the Fall to bet football in Nevada. By the late 1990s he was making more per hour doing this, than his regular job, and enjoying it much more.


In 2001, Fezzik moved to Las Vegas and stayed under the radar initially.  However, his success in high end sports betting tournaments put an end to that. During the decade Fezzik won six major sports betting tournaments, winning close to a million dollars!

In perhaps the most notable public sports betting achievement ever, Fezzik won the Las Vegas Hilton SuperContest in back to back seasons (2008 and 2009) besting a field of over 300+ each time. This contest is widely regarded at THE World Series of Sports Betting, and Steve is the only two-time winner!

He has been featured in numerous Magazines and Newspapers, including an exclusive by the LA Times on him. In 2013 Fezzik appeared in a prominent role in the movie "Life On The Line" (in which he was called "the best bettor in the world"). 


While Fezzik's expertise is sports gambling, he is well versed in all aspects of Advantage Gambling, and his resume includes poker tournament wins and a 3rd place finish in The "Blackjack Ball" THE annual competition of  the world's best blackjack players.

Steve is known as an "advantage player", which is a style of wagering that relies heavily upon the use of probability, statistics and other mathematical techniques to maximize the "expected value" of wagers. 

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